Where I’m willing, the possibilities are not of my imagining.

I don’t understand how I am connected to a spiritual source. There are many things that I don’t understand. Electricity. Evolution. The sun. The universe. Procreation. But like spirituality, this doesn’t prevent me from utilising, enjoying and greatly appreciating their effect on my life.

Scientists help me to grasp in very simplistic ways the inner workings of these smaller and larger systems. I know or have learned a great many things through my years on this earth, and yet I feel so completely ignorant about the other 99.~% I don’t know, and I don’t think even the most educated or gifted of us even comes close to understanding the entirety of our existence, our planet, our solar system or our universe (or whatever is beyond that). Just think about how little we still know about our own brains and how they work! We make progress all the time but that is our very own ecosystem that even the brightest among us has still not completely figured out.

That there is a cosmic design or force out there is not too much for me to wrap my head around. That we are here to leave some sort of infinite footprint on the universe makes as much sense as any other explanation and when I’m willing to entertain that possibility, then I am more willing to do the things that seem pointless or beyond me or outside my job description. And them I am really participating and living out some sort of life code that has been imprinted in our DNA since the dawn of time.

The struggle is that also imprinted in our DNA is ego, selfishness, pride, gluttony, and a myriad other forms of human failings. Whether it’s money, sex, alcohol, drugs, food, relationships, war, name your poison, for some reason we have been given ample rope with which to hang ourselves. It’s another mystery of the human condition that none have seemed to answer satisfactorily. The reality is, that is also a part of me.

Fighting with my ego and trying to focus on the infinite through a long list of seemingly mundane and trivial acts, or even through grand gestures and platitudes, is something that cannot be possible without willingness. Sometimes that willingness comes after some sort of personal breakthrough or epiphany, other times it can only come after almost destroying myself or others before the realisation sets in. Nothing like a good implosion to goose up the motivation factor.

When I am willing, I can be more spiritual. I am better able to examine myself carefully and find the cracks, aches, pains and misgivings. I can heal my relationships or make them better. I can be a force. By tapping into the spirit, I have more people to assist me and therefore am less weak. Things seem to happen almost naturally that used to seem out of reach.

There are gifts from living life through a connection with the infinite.ness

If I am only willing.



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