Hands Up, Tree

img_9031I strive to be like a tree.

The Infinite will let the tree grow, or not; live, or not; have leaves, or not.

The tree does not have a will. It cannot fight with God’s will.

The tree just continues to grow and reach to the sky until God’s plan is for him to turn to stone and morph into another form of existence.

As a human I was born with my own will. I can choose to utilize my will in harmony with the infinite laws and plans.

When I am connecting with a Higher Power, however tenuous that connection may seem, my struggles are reduced.

A connection to the Infinite also connects me to the rest of the universe, the whole of humanity and existence, and makes clear both my significance and my insignificance.

I strive, struggle, let go, try again. But when connected I have purpose. However small my contribution may be, it was.

No matter who, if anyone, remembers I was here, I will have become a part of humanity, of the earth and of the universe.

If I realize it or not, if I utilize the Power or not, that will be the final test.

I am not a tree. I am not practicing to be a tree. I only wish to be like the tree in one way: to grow together with the Infinite.

I will exercise my will and let the Infinite guide the way. The results are not mine. Only the actions.



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