Making Writing A Ritual

Getting caught up in my day to day dramas can sometimes pull me away from the road I was traveling down. I am admittedly someone that is easily distracted and can have my attention pulled away at any moment. And the thought occurred to me that I have much more time in the day to accomplish things than I think I do.

So I’ve decided to make this a ritual, writing here on the blog or working on the books I’ve been planning to write, or simply just writing in my journal. Either way I can only become better if I write more and be critical of what I’ve written.

Last night I stayed up very late working on a book concept that I’ve been considering and despite myself I got the first few chapter titles written and cranked out what should be a good part of the Introduction. This is very much progress for me but the critical issue for me is making this a consistent practice. I’ve chosen daily because I believe no matter what I can take the time to write every day.

I even have ample opportunity when all I have is my iPhone, since I’ve got the WordPress app, Evernote, Microsoft Word, Pages, and my DayOne journal all installed there and with my Swype keyboard it’s actually a very productive way to get my thoughts down.

In a previous post I was mentioning about rediscovering Linux, and it occurred to me that just the act of installing that system was all the inspiration I needed to start writing, very much the same way that I love to write things down when I bought a new notebook. It’s just a switch in the environment but sometimes that’s all it takes to get the wheels churning again.

The mere act of posting the above photo is enough to get me started. A change of my computer’s desktop photo. A different style of music. The key is to not stop writing and not stop looking for new ways to click on the creativity.

Thanks to everyone who read, liked and commented on my recent posts (ok just a handful but it’s something, right?). Hopefully my writing improves enough to attract more viewers but if not, at least I’m writing and that in and of itself should be the end goal.




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